Friday, April 17, 2009

language learning thru podcast

I find podcasts very interesting. And Rebecca's right, there seems to be a podcast of just about everything out there.
I used Podcast Alley for this exercise and found all these podcasts on italian language (well, just about most languages really). This could prove to be an alternative to going to school or buying that foreign language software. Of course, one would need to verify the accuracy of the podcast (I'm not exactly sure how), to make sure that what I would be learning is correct.
Using podcasts also elliminates the strain on one's eyes associated with reading, whether from printed matter of straight off the computer screen. Plus hearing someone talk gives one a feeling of connectedness, somewhat to the person speaking, making the exchange (though one way) a bit more personal.
In some of my MLIS class, professors have been using podcasts to deliver their lectures. For me this is definitely more effective than just reading lecture notes. Being in fully-only program, its always great to hear the professors voice. It gives me a feeling of involvement in the class and provides a better impression of what the professor is like since we're missing the face-to-face component of a traditional classroom scene.

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