Friday, April 17, 2009

my Zoho experience


Ah! The wonders of technology. Using this tool had been easy because it allowed me to log in using my yahoo account, elliminating the need to create a new one. Hooray! Sometimes, just to create a new account, no matter how easy can also be time consuming.

Obviously, I'm trying this new thing (looks suspiciously similar to Google) for the 13 Things seminar. The interface itself is much like MS Word (is it?), only online. Not to mention it gives you the option to directly post it to your blog, how cool is that? It does automatic save too, very useful for me since I always forget to save my work.

I would have to agree with Deb C on this one. It needs to be explored further to determine how best to utilize it.

It seems funny that I've always said I know nothing about Web 2.0, but here I am discovering that most of what Web 2.0 has is the almost the same thing that I've been using before... only online. Hmmm... I wonder if that is perhaps the main difference.

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