Friday, April 17, 2009

libraries @ youtube

I have seen numerous postings on youtube relating to libraries and they have all been very informational. This is a great and inexpensive (read, free!) way to advertise library events and services. It can also be a great orientation tool for incoming students (for school and universities), and a professor can also post a video of a class lecture. Talk about not ever having to set foot in a classroom... A video is almost always a better way to communicate a message across.

Admittedly, my first usage of youtube is mostly for music videos. I found a lot of hard to find music from this site. Sure there's a lot of junk, but such is the nature of the web and not just for youtube. Lately, I have found movies posted on youtube in parts... some taken down by management for violating copyright, but still a lot of them are out there. Makes me wonder how we're going to really get ahead of piracy. Youtube can only do so much in trying to regulate postings from millions of users.

I know I've done this before... but without practice it takes some time tyo figure it out again. If the video comes out then its a success... if not, well then, I'll try it again.

This is just a funny video... one of the many that made these brothers somewhat famous in the Philippines. They are now part of a tv comedy show in the Philippines.

The next video is the one that made this guys dream a reality. He is now the lead singer (Arnel Pineda) of the band Journey.

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