Tuesday, March 3, 2009

catching up

I am terribly behind this class, so sorry.

I've just signed up with Delicious. Not much there yet but am figuring out how things work. I saw the short video Rebecca has graciously provided to introduce us all to this social bookmarking network and found it very informational, even for someone technologically challenged as me. I'm a bit frustrated though... when I type in my tags, delicious insists on breaking it up into single words when what I wanted to do was bunch them together (e.g. Learning 2.0, comes up as 2.0 and Learning). There must be a way to do this... but that's for another post as I try to discover how things work on this newly (for me) found technology.


  1. Hi Rachelle-
    Yes, it is kind of irritating the way Delicious will not accept spaces between words. Instead, you have to get creative and use a "space holder" like a period, dash, or underscore (ie: Library_2.0 or Library.2.0). Or some people use capital letters at the beginning of their 2nd word (ie: LibrarySites). It's all about finding what works for you.

  2. Hi Rachelle, I had the same problem when I first started with Delicious. Using an underscore ("_") does solve the problem. Also, I always wanted to separate tags with commas instead of spaces. So there were definitely aspects of the Delicious interface that weren't intuitive to me! On the other hand, once you figure that out I think you'll find the tool very useful. If you're interested in using Delicious to create subject guides, check out http://kraftylibrarian.com/2009/01/using-delicious-for-subject-guides.html.